Hype.Flix Drive-in Launches New Website

Hype.Flix Drive-in Launches New Website

Hype.Flix Drive-in has been taking advantage of its short rainy season break. The team has been planning and strategizing in order to enhance customers' experience at their drive-in events. One of the outcomes of this planning about is the launch of the new Hype.Flix Drive-in website.

Keep in touch, whenever, wherever!

The new look has been designed to help customers and website visitors find information about upcoming
events, purchase tickets, find information about the team, and more in an easier, sleeker way – with full mobile optimization so that customers can keep in touch even when they are on the go.

"Your opinion is important to us so please share it with us to help us to grow and be better for you!"

A review and testimonial feature has been incorporated to enable users to share their experience and feedback.

Stay up to date!

Do you always want to secure your tickets ASAP to ensure that you share our hyped nights with us? Well now, you can be the first to hear about upcoming events and latest updates; as well as get exclusive discounts when you register as a customer on the

Words, Words, Words!
Lastly, we will also be updating our blog page on a regular basis so that you can get an insight into who we are and what we do here at Hype.Flix Drive-in. Whether it’s about the latest movie releases, how to enhance your experience, movie facts and trivia, movie recommendations, or more information you will find it all here. So now sit back and make sure you have tickets to our events because the only from here is up and you don’t want to miss the ride!

Click here to check out the website