Brutally honest and manage expectations

We advise on short and medium term strategies, alongside brand effect and the relationship with long term business profitability.

For businesses who aren’t one-note.

We understand your business, your audience and your competition. We’re experts in marketing and know what makes your customers tick, we use this to maximise your return on investment. We can also plan your campaign across all online and offline marketing platforms.

With this, we are also able to analyse your website traffic to ensure that all our above the line campaigns also translate into website visits, enquiries and purchases. We pride ourselves on the longstanding relationships we’ve built with our trusted media partners over the years.

80% of people believe media used in marketing is more memorable in our daily activities.

– Ghana consumers, surveyed by Abba Manu

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What’s included?

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Cinema Advertising

Our cinema advertising is a box office smash. Our Drive-In ParkNWatch cenimatic does something most other platforms can’t – we can put your business in front of a comfortable, captive audience at all major events outdoor. Brands and advertisements are displayed before, during and after movies.
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Radio and TV

We plan and book strategic radio and television advertising on various stations to target your ideal customer demographic. We can also create your ad using our scripting and voiceover expertise. We have direct connections with stations like; Citi FM, Citi TV, etc.
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Billboard Advertising

We offer maximum availability on billboard advertising. Using our own incredibly accurate mapping system, we can ensure that your marketing strategies are set in place to maximise client reach. We can access the exact locations of all billboard formats nationally, including digital, to ensure you pinpoint the audience you need to reach to ensure your campaign is successful. Take advantage of our unique mapping system and plan your campaign with us today.

Online campaigns and advertisemnts

We deliver a powerful digital strategy to elevate your return on investment. We have a wide range of followers and subscribers on our social media platforms as such we use those advertising platforms to serve targeted contents to your potential customers, at the time when your products and services are most relevant to them.

Websites with a design on sales; we’re a marketing agency primarily focused on creating enquiries and opportunities for your business, and we know how important those first impressions are. We use Google Ads, display, retargeting and other PPC platforms where required to create pay per click campaigns which deliver a strong return on investment.